How to protect yourself from online frauds

How to recognise a scammer?

Identifying a scammer is not always easy, but we can provide you some guidelines that will allow you to ask yourself questions and let you keep your eyes open or let you stand away in case you noticed something strange.

The scammer distinctive characteristics which immediately jumps out at you are three:

- The photo, that generally is downloaded from the Internet, depicts a beautiful and attractive young girl or a well-dressed, middle-aged man who looks very friendly.

- The profile. The scammer doesn't care much about details but he/she cares to describe himself/herself to look perfect to you or to inform you he/she is living very painful situations, such as the loss of a family member or, in some cases, of the family saying he/she wants to start a new life with you, but if you pay a little bit more attention to the descriptions the scammers do of themselves you will notice they are all very similar to each other and very often aren't written correctly in English.

- The first message. Usually it is not very different from the description they show of themselves in their profile and the message is clearly translated in English from another language by means of an automated translation: usually it contains an invitation to send them your sensitive data (eg. e-mail, phone number) giving them your email address or by sending them an e-mail adding one or more of your photos, saying they want to know each other better and promising to receive photos and more detailed information about his life in exchange.

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