How to protect yourself from online frauds

What are some examples of scammer?

Example 1: Most of the time the scammer is a woman, coming from different areas of the world such as East Europe, Russia, Romania, Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Cost), who sends a message of interest to the victim. From that time on it is established a long-distance relationship via email with an intense mail exchange. Usually the woman shows an attractive picture and an interesting profile and her attitude is now inclined to the construction of a serious and lasting love affair. Always willing to talk, generally sends low-resolution photos, sometimes blatantly downloaded from the internet and so recognizable as false. After a certain period of time she will require an amount of money to deal with some sudden difficulties, such as an unexpected illness, a loan about to expire, a plane ticket to reach you, and so on. So, the victim is convinced to transfer a certain amount of money through a bank account or, more in general, by means of a money transfer like Western Union. Right after having collected the money the woman immediately vanishes without a trace.

Example 2: In some cases the scammer is a woman who says to be very skeptical in using dating sites or she has not enough time to do it despite showing her interest in establishing a conversation, therefore she requires details and private information about the victim to obtain economic advantages. Sometimes the request of the victim's mobile phone number and the consequent confirmation of a particular password or PIN sent him or her via SMS by the fraudster is an example: in this way the scammer can identify herself on behalf of a third party as she were the real user of your SIM card and for example, will be able to register you to mobile payments and value-added services. Of course, this sort of procedure could lead you to greater risks, even to the identity theft, expecially if the victim is required to provide further information like his or her driving licence, identity card, address, etc..

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