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How do I create a successful profile?

1. Choose your nickname

When you introduce yourself in real life you give your name and surname that make you unique and original, you have to think about your nickname in the same way; at the time of registering some decide to be anonymous by using a pseudonym, that will be your name in the virtual reality, so choose it carefully because you won't be able to change it in the future. Be original, "catchy", not vulgar, try to do a list of your favourites and than choose the most creative, or direct, the most descriptive, in one word: your nickname.


2. Choose the right picture

The first step you have to take is showing yourself. The photo, is probably the most important thing a successful profile should have to catch the eye of those who don't know you and that at the same time have hundreds of profile to visit or to get in contact to. A photo can say very much about you, about who you are and what you like to do, about your interests, your passions: in Lovepedia you can add photos, use them to show your face with a close up , your figure in a full-lenght photo, and the others to show you practicing your favoutite sport or hobby. The most important thing is: they have to be real, recents, never vulgar (…you'll have time to show everything about yourself!) and show your best smile.


3. Fill in your profile

Completing your profile by inserting your data, is not so useless as many could think, all the information about yourself you will share is the first tool people you contact will use to understand if you're the right person for them, if it worths answering your message or accepting a chat invitation from you: all the information about you will let you notice how many things you two have in common, your age, your education and your job. Talking of that, lying is completely useless: sooner or later the chickens come home to roost and this little carelessness may cost you the trust of your future partner.

3.1 Describe yourself

In this profile section in Lovepedia you find a free space, where you can write everything you want to let the other people know about you. Use it! Often this space is underrated beacuse people are shy, lazy or because they want to maintain a self-styled mystery: writing one or two catchy phrases such as “contact me and you'll see” or “I'm the man/woman you're looking for, do you mind a chat?? ;)” or “Discover me” say nothing about you, and produce in the reader the suspect that more than something to discover they will find something to cover! So don't be shy, describe yourself!

Modesty always pays, do not overdo it in the description. Honesty is essential, after all who is interested in contacting you may be seeking someone exactly like you, not Superman or Wonder Woman; use your words well, everybody loves cinema, walking outdoors etc.. but saying it in a more personal way by detailing and justifying your preferences or your choices with certainty will make you more selective and will give you more chances to keep in contact with those who have your same interests e and with whom you'd have more chance of success. Be positive!!! Describe the beautiful side of life because the bad things are already evident for everyone and of course because you may find that what you see as nice it is really nice and not only for you! Last but not least, be ironic and fun, but beware that it is a sober and intelligent humor, which does not disturb. 

3.2 How you imagine your first date

Think well about it, the person you have just invited in chat has just read your profile, your description was to his liking, now he is asking himself/herself what should he/she aspect from you on your first date in real life! Lovepedia gives you the possibility to use this free space to describe how you imagine your first date: here too being of too few words doesn't pay, writing only “the two of us on the seashore” leaves too much to the imagination and it also runs the risk of failing to meet others expectations just when you're about to meet. Imagine a situation, describe it trying to catch the attention, be poetic and romantic but with yor feet on the ground and who knows, he/she will contact you beacuse attracted by such a beautiful program.


4. Your profile changes with you

Ancient greeks used to say “everything flows” and it is still so, everybody changes, phisically, mentally, emotionally, and suddenly one day your profile does not represent you anymore: the secret is keep it updated, add your new interests, your passions, your more recent photos; your tastes change and make you different, better. Don't think that by updating your profile you'll lose the attention that have received so far: it will increase exactly as new people and new friends that will be attracted by you and your changes.

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